The Help Essay

Throughout The Help, complex characters make up the main characters of the novel. Write a detailed analysis of a character from The Help to highlight its literary strategy. The essay must focus specifically on one particular character. The focus should be on Mae Mobley as a character. Mae Mobley and what she is able to do to better her situation. It is possible to analyze her actions and words in different chapters. Afterward, write a paragraph that summarizes your research.

Mae Mobley

Mae Mobley’s Help essay will demonstrate how Aibileen Clark (a black woman employed by a female business) shows a girl how to achieve equality and self-worth. Throughout the novel, Aibileen shares best college paper writing service with Mae stories that encourage her to believe in herself and the rights she has, even if she does not fit the society’s definition of beauty.

Mae Mobley is an African-American youngster who was raised in a white community. Aibileen the white girl she was with, taught Mae how to utilize the bathroom which was a big surprise for Miss Leefolt who was afraid of her due to her African descent. But Mae had been taught respect and love for all people, despite the existence of different colors.

It’s clear how the book has become so beloved. The role of mother unconditional love and support is crucial to raising a child. Aibileen, Mrs. Leefolt as well as the others who appear in the novel are mothers in their role models. As Aibileen is beloved by Mae Mobley, her relationship with her mother isn’t a happy one. Even though she works hard to protect her child but the abuse and neglect from Mrs. Leefolt makes it hard for her to love her.

Mae Mobley, two years old in The Help is Mae Mobley. Mae lives with her parents Raleigh and Elizabeth Leefolt with an older brother who is named Raleigh. She is not born perfect as she doesn’t reflect the ideals that society has of what a little girl should appear like. The novel examines the situation in Mae’s perspective. Also, you’ll discover the power to the author’s mix of colour, humor, and irony to make her story all the more captivating.

Help essay requires you to think about your childhood. Parents should be first to look after them. Parents are the ones who instruct their children about morality. But in Mae Mobley’s help essay, you’ll examine the ways that Mae’s parents failed to accomplish the same. Their daughter doesn’t get guidance or moral support from them. This may be a contributing factor to her development problems.

Miss Hilly

“Miss Hilly’s Help” is a well-known example of a Southern novel and this essay will provide why the story is so important to the Civil War. The story’s main character, Hilly is a loyal spouse and mother to her husband and two children however, she is a victim of discrimination based on race and considers black women as subhuman. Minny is eventually threatened by her attitude to the black community. Minny also makes use of her position within the white community to send her maid to prison in the case of theft.

Miss Hilly’s Help depicts 1960s the racial issues of the 1960s. One of the strengths is its distorted portrayal of the racial relationship. Through reducing the racial discrimination to one antagonist this novel allows viewers to exchange historical fact to create a wildly fictional story. Even though the tale isn’t completely accurate to the historical context, many readers can relate to the racial issues Hilly Holbrook addresses in her novel.

“Miss Hilly’s Help” concentrates on the racial problems faced by black maids. Even though Hilly may be claiming that she is charitable via her Junior League fundraising, she is an opportunist with a razor-sharp edge who manipulates Elizabeth’s every research paper writer free move. She threatens retaliation if she’s refusing to be given the opportunity. The main plot revolves around Hilly’s search for a socialite and her attempts to conform to society.

Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter’s mom, Charlotte Phelan, is an older-fashioned Southern woman trying to persuade her daughter to accept gender-based norms. Yule May, her maid, takes the ring away from Miss Hilly to pay college tuition for her twins. Hilly hopes to also make the lives of her daughters easier.

Minny is strong, brave and unwavering. Her response to the help essay of Miss Hilly proves that she is. If she’s in the right place her essay will help her solve these issues. The essay will show how this novel is vital and will show why you should be encouraged to read it. Be sure to remember the other parts of the book.

Miss Leefolt

In “Miss Leefolt’s Help” Kathryn Stockett examines racism through a story about one of the black women. In 1962 in Jackson, Mississippi, Mae Mobley is the daughter of a white lady named Miss Leefolt. Her black maid, Mae is treated unjustly by the white communities. This article examines Mae’s relations with Miss Leefolt and her racist views she instilled.

Mrs. Walters hires Aibileen as Aibileen as a black-clad servant who will take care of Baby Mae Mobley. Celia had a son, Treelore Clark. He died in the course of work. Treelore Clark had a book idea about working for a white employer. Skeeter is able to find it and provides the idea to Skeeter to be used in an article. Minny would be happy to do so in such a situation.

Stockett makes use of fashion in order to make her characters seem more real. Stockett’s servants wear inexpensive clothes, while white women wear high-end clothing. Elizabeth Leefolt is aware that other people perceive her through the way she looks and dresses. clothing. It is her desire for others to be aware of the fact that she makes her own clothes. Even though the writer is concerned about the cultural appropriation of that movement viewers are able to relax in a dramatized portrayal from the 60s.

Mae Mobley was a toddler. Her mother is also her daughter. So, she’s unable to provide for her son. Aibileen, her maid, has a very warm and caring relationship with her. At first, she seems to be averse the book project. The story continues to progress, and she is beginning to adjust to her new role.

The story is full of exciting aspects, Miss Leefolt does not come without criticisms. The story does not take into account the horror reigned by the White Citizens Council. It is therefore an excellent representation of the American Civil Rights Movement. The film isn’t perfect, like any other story. Help is a good read. Help essay is an enjoyable to read.


The Help is a trilogy concerning the lives of three women, AIBILEEN (MINNY), SKEETER, and MINNY. Every single character is confronted various forms of sexual harassment. They can be forced to get married or become loud or outspoken people. Though Minny is frequently the center of comic relief but her real self is beneath top essay writing her rough appearance. Though she’s typically thought of as a great cook and an exemplary maid, Minny is actually a fighter who’s fighting society’s notions of silence for a female of color.

Hilly Holbrook portrays Minny as prey to white women. Hilly doesn’t seem to notice Minny is eating food, since she doesn’t know her. Yet, Hilly doesn’t know Minny neither, so why would she notice her? Minny’s The Help essay is filled with this compelling aspect. You will be able be inspired by her story and her courage in confronting injustice and racism by studying this essay.

Minny is a strong woman in Sugar Ditch and she constantly refers to Hilly’s “Terrible Awful” best writing service that she did to Hilly. Celia Foote employs Minny as her housekeeper within Sugar Ditch. Celia requests that she bake Chocolate Pie. Celia may be a bit intimidated but tries to help Minny. The result is a special friendship between the two ladies.

The essay on help by Minny emphasizes the importance of education and the importance for women to be sure they have a good time. No matter what race or ethnicity it is essential that people have a secure setting to thrive. The novel also has the power to inspire readers to think about the numerous aspects of discrimination and racism. This novel offers a real-life representation of South life. It also highlights that you can’t have everything.

Birth control pills were initially recommended for married women in 1989. Though this was not available to poor women, and also was restricted by religion, the pill made many women’s lives more comfortable. Though Minny isn’t mentioned in The Help, the birth medication could have made a an impact on her life. It also emphasizes the importance to women’s human rights. Even though it’s a historical book, The Help is a very powerful read about the importance of equal rights are important for women.

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