How to take a Windows 10 screenshot: The 7 best techniques

In most windows versions including windows 10, the screenshot will be copied to your clipboard. Use the Print screen shortcut key to take screenshots. To take the screenshot of a particular window of an already open program, press “Alt + Prt Scr.” You may not hear any kind of sound while taking the screenshot. Paint may also be available when you right-click on an image.

To take a screenshot, either use the Firefox Screenshots feature or else follow the directions given below to create a screenshot on your computer, iOS device or Android device. To try out Ansel, click the ‘Photo Mode’ button in the GeForce Experience overlay, or use the keyboard shortcut ALT + F2. The snipped image is then opened within the Snipping Tool, but is also copied to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

Or you can paste the image directly into an email, Slack message or Word doc. The Print Screen button near the upper right of your keyboard will capture everything that’s on your screen and save it on the clipboard. The best thing to do is take your raw images into a graphics package like Photoshop or Lightroom and tweak the brightness, contrast, and color levels by hand. Even the slightest tweak can make a huge difference to the final composition. Just make sure whatever you’re using to capture your screenshots, whether it’s Steam or something like Fraps, is outputting an uncompressed image.

  • If you are using either of these two versions, you will need to find another utility for taking screenshots, or use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • To go to the Snipping Tool, click on the Start Menu and type ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search section.
  • You can also edit and annotate your screenshots before saving them.

But your screenshots will be saved in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library on OneDrive. Hold down power button and then press the volume-down button to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder under This PC. Hold down the Windows logo in the front of the device and then push the volume-down button.


You can use the Paint tool to edit or save the screenshot. Sometimes you don’t need everything on your display. This shortcut can let you only capture the active window. It seems now, you must turn off windows defender real time virus and threat protection, and it works fine download harmankardon soundsticks drivers.

Use the Print Screen Button to Capture Your Entire Screen

You can also use it to highlight any software error or bug you have experienced. Keyboard combination captures screenshots of both screens attached to the computer. This will take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to the Clipboard.

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